5 Minutes with MNET: SYSPRO USA on What Manufacturing CFOs Expect in 2022

As manufacturers and distributors approach 2022 with an eye for growth, they do so amid many significant business disruptions. Among them, a need for supply chain consistency, raw materials and talent acquisition top the list.

SYSPRO is an ERP software development company that provides integrated business solutions for accounting, manufacturing and distribution operations – among others – and they’ve recognized how the right business solutions can help solve the problems facing these companies, including everything from forecasting and inventory variables, to costs controls, business intelligence and production management.

In an effort to explore the specific business conditions facing this select group of enterprises, SYSPRO USA conducted a global survey of manufacturing CFOs and released the results earlier this year, identifying their expectations for 2022 as well as key challenges.

Today we’re joined by Scott Hebert, CEO of SYSPRO USA, to discuss some of the key findings of the company’s recent research.

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