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Jeeps Pulled for Defective Electronics

The problem is causing vehicles to brick.

Stellantis issued a temporary stop sale on some of its 2022 Jeep Grand Cherokee and Grand Cherokee L SUVs after owners complained their key fobs were losing connection to the vehicles and causing them to brick.

The Drive reported owners using a Jeep Garage forum to air their grievances. A few days later, The Drive said Stellantis’ FCA sent a notice to dealers informing them of the stop sale and cited a “radio frequency hub module” can cause communication issues between the key fob and the vehicle.

However, a Jeep spokesperson told The Drive a solution had been identified and the company was expediting appropriate parts to its dealer network. The spokesperson added it affects a limited number of vehicles and would not require a safety recall. 

One affected owner said there was no gradual reduction in functionality. Rather, the connection disappeared all at once and when his wife tried to leave from an appointment, she could not unlock the vehicle or open the rear hatch. 

She attempted to open the SUV with the physical key on the fob and the Jeep assumed it was a theft attempt, set off the alarm and locked down. 

Most entries in the forum that experienced similar issues say they purchased the vehicles in February. Some of the stories include an owner not being able to start the SUV in a parking garage under an office building and another customer not even being able to drive the vehicle off the dealer lot. 

The notice says the RFHMs must be replaced and that the process will begin in March.

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