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Whole Foods Opens Store with Amazon’s Register-Skipping Tech

The store adds up costs as customers shop.

Whole Foods Market opened its first store featuring Amazon’s “Just Walk Out” technology, a service that allows customers to skip the cash register.

The store is located in the Glover Park neighborhood of Washington, D.C., and is staffed with Whole Foods Market workers. 

To use the service, shoppers will scan in with an in-store code and bag their groceries.

Sensors in the store will monitor selections and calculate a total cost. 

When customers scan out of the store, they will be emailed a receipt. 

A self-checkout option will still be available in the 21,500-square-foot store. 

The store will have more than 800 local products as a result of partnerships with 100 local suppliers. 

Whole Foods plans to open a second location with the tech in Sherman Oaks, California, this year.

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