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Automaker Tips Off Workers to Other Jobs

The company hopes the effort will allow it to trim its payroll more painlessly.

Stellantis is under intense pressure to slash its workforce in coming years.

Like other automakers, it will need fewer workers to make electric vehicles as the world transitions away from gasoline.

Executives have also touted more than $5 billion in cost savings from the Fiat Chrysler-Peugeot merger that spawned the company.

Cutting union auto workers, however, can be tricky, so Stellantis has taken a novel approach: becoming something of a staffing firm for its employees.

The company, according to Bloomberg, frequently informs workers at its plants in France about job fairs and career services opportunities.

Executives hope the strategy — along with incentives for voluntary departures — will make its path to cutting thousands of jobs in the country easier.

Workers, however, don’t seem particularly grateful for the free career advice

One union official told Bloomberg, “This isn’t a good way to motivate people to work hard for the company.”

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