Taste Test: KFC's Beyond Fried Chicken

On Jan. 10, Beyond Fried Chicken rolled out at Kentucky Fried Chicken locations across the nation.

Beyond Meat developed the plant-based chicken nuggets exclusively for the restaurant chain. 

Food Manufacturing's editors scored some nuggets the day they debuted to see if they truly were a "Kentucky Fried Miracle."

The results were universally positive.

The nuggets have a juicy center wrapped in a crispy breading that evokes KFC's original recipe breading. 

The nuggets are square shaped and made from pea protein. 

While a few of us prefer the animal-based alternative, this near-chicken is a direct hit.

The plant-based nuggets have been under development for more than two years. 

The only downside is that KFC uses the same fryers to cook the nuggets, which is a big turnoff for vegans and vegetarians. 

Beyond Fried Chicken is only available for a limited time, while supplies last.

They are made to order at the restaurant, so be prepared to wait a few minutes or order in advance on the KFC app.

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