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Startup Accuses Facebook Parent of Copying its VR Device

The company says Meta’s prototype glove is “substantively identical” to its own.

Facebook famously took on a new corporate moniker several weeks ago.

Although the new name could serve as a distraction from its litany of scandals, Meta primarily sought to highlight the company’s vision of a “metaverse.”

Meta officials envision a future online landscape that blends the real world with virtual and augmented reality technologies.

The company this week added to its arsenal of VR/AR tech, detailing a new prototype haptic feedback glove.

But the glove prototype is already running into a problem: a Seattle startup company claims it already invented it.

TechCrunch reports that VR startup HaptX said the Meta glove was “substantively identical” to its own patented technology.

HaptX’s CEO, moreover, noted that the company had previously demonstrated its technology to numerous Facebook engineers and executives.

He said he looked forward to working toward a “fair and equitable” solution. Meta reportedly declined to comment.

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