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Dodge to Hire 'Chief Donut Maker'

And it pays $150,000.

For that highly nuanced person who wants to combine executive level business savvy with down-and-dirty racing tricks, Dodge just might have the job for you.

The maker of the Challenger Hellcat and other notable muscle cars has a role to fill within its organization, announcing recently that it is on the hunt for a C-level brand ambassador to promote its new marketing strategy, dubbed “Never Lift.”

Dodge says the individual selected for this year-long gig will be provided with a Hellcat to drive for a year, a salary of $150,000 and a custom wardrobe.

And the only thing that outshines this perk package is, perhaps, the job title, which is Chief Donut Officer. And don’t worry… there are business cards to prove it.

Dodge CEO Tim Kuniskis says the company is looking for a person who embodies the spirit of the founding Dodge brothers, who he describes as “scrappy go-getters” who were “never content to follow the trends” in their search for “a better, faster, more outrageous way of doing things.”

Never Lift is a new campaign the Dodge announced earlier this week that focuses on performance cars. According to Business Insider, “It involves reviving its Direct Connection performance parts business, establishing special dealers to sell them, and announcing new products every three months for the next two years.”

Dodge has a vehicle giveaway in the works as well that it’s referring to as 25/8, 25 vehicles over eight weeks. Dodge says it’s also “named for the spirit of Dodge and the ‘Brotherhood of Muscle’ that goes above and beyond, 24 hours a day, seven days a week (going one more hour, one more day).”

And as chief donut maker, you might just be working those eight days a week: Dodge says no need to quit your day job.

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