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Chinese Automaker Sells SUV Under Dodge Brand

The company is making its first foray into the North American market.

A Chinese automaker is one step closer to jumping into the U.S. auto market.

But it will make its initial foray into North America under a familiar name.

Reuters reports that GAC is making its first significant vehicle exports to Mexico.

The SUVs will carry the Dodge brand name, and will be sold by Dodge parent Stellantis at its dealerships in the country.

The Dodge Journeys, however, were designed by GAC and built at its factory in Hangzhou.

Stellanits, like many automakers, operates a joint venture with a Chinese company to facilitate production in the world’s largest auto market.

GAC reportedly hopes to sell 4,000 Journeys in Mexico this year. The company already sells its cars in Asia, South America and the Middle East.

Company officials also said they hope to create a foundation throughout North America — with an eye toward the U.S., long a target for China’s auto giants.

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