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Tesla Software Update Grades Drivers

If deemed safe, a driver could unlock Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta software.

Elon Musk revealed a software update in Tesla vehicles that will tell someone how safe of a driver they are, Business Insider reported.

It grades drivers from 0-100 based on forward-collision warnings per 1,000 miles, hard braking, aggressive turning, unsafe following and forced autopilot disengagement. 

If a driver achieves a high enough “Safety Score” for a week, they can unlock Tesla’s Full Self-Driving beta software. 

A daily score is determined through Predicted Collision Frequency.

The final number is an estimation of how many collisions may occur per 1 million miles of driving. 

A driver who documented his score claimed acts such as running yellow lights and rolling through stop signs helped to increase the score. 

The same person said “stopping hard” to avoid running a yellow light decreased the score. 

Tesla expects the formula to change once it obtains more customer and data insights.

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