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Microsoft, Amazon Are Feuding (Again) Over a Gov't Cloud Contract

Microsoft has filed a formal complaint over Amazon's latest award.

In 2019, the Pentagon awarded a massive, $10 billion contract for Microsoft to provide cloud computing services to the defense department.

The controversial bidding process included other tech giants like Amazon, Oracle and IBM and Amazon contended the results were tainted by “unmistakable bias.”

In 2021, the DoD revised the contract, breaking it up into smaller awards that included multiple key players, including Amazon.

Now, Microsoft is challenging a government award for an entirely different initiative for cloud services, this one dubbed “Project WildandStormy.”

Amazon Web Services has received this $10 billion contract to help the NSA move away from on-premise servers.

Microsoft reportedly filed a formal complaint alleging Amazon’s tech wasn’t properly evaluated.

The Verge speculates that Microsoft may be hoping this contract gets split among providers, much like the defense cloud contract was.

According to the report, the Government Accountability Board must issue a decision by October 29th.

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