Drum Topper Key to Preventing Premature Machine Failures

Up to 70 percent of all premature machine failures can be attributed to contamination.

Studies have shown that as much as 70 percent of all premature machine failures can be attributed to contamination. Removing contaminants from the oil protects your equipment from abnormal wear that can lead to failure. 

The key is to purify new oil as it comes into your facility and keep it clean throughout its operating life. To do this, you need a filtration system designed to remove both large and small particulates from the oil.

One solution is the Xtract Drum Topper from Lubrication Engineers – a convenient portable filtration unit in a compact, lightweight aluminum frame design that you can carry with you wherever it’s needed. It can be used with mineral-based oils and synthetic oils that fall within a specified viscosity range.

It can be used in a wide range of applications to:

  • pre-filter and dispense new oil, 
  • top off reservoirs, 
  • flush new or repaired systems, 
  • decontaminate systems, 
  • evacuate used oil, 
  • and collect oil samples for analysis. 

Xtract Drum Toppers come standard with automatic pressure relief valve, dual-stage filtration, and six-foot-long hoses. Two pumps are available, with the 3-gpm model recommended for low-viscosity oils. Different color options help eliminate any risk of cross-contamination in a plant with multiple types of oil. A variety of other customization options are available, including flow rates, connection types and sizes, and filter micron ratings. 

Lubrication Engineers offers full-service support for all your oil filtration needs. Learn more at www.LElubricants.com.

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