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Onstar Isn't Just for GM Drivers Anymore

GM is exploring new revenue streams outside of cars and trucks.

GMโ€™s OnStar system was launched way back in 1996, offering subscription-based security, safety and navigation features to drivers of GM vehicles.

Now, GM has announced it will expand the technology to drivers of any type of vehicles, not just those produced by General Motors.

The company has announced that an Onstar Guardian App is being made available for non-GM drivers, downloadable from Apple or Android devices.

The subscription costs $15 per month after a free one-month trial.

The announcement comes amid a rocky year for automakers who are struggling to maintain production rates due to parts shortages.

The Onstar shift is part of a larger strategy for GM to establish some revenue-generating opportunities outside of cars and trucks.

In April, the company told Reuters it had its hands in developing nearly 20 products or services in future markets.

According to Reuters, GM is also working to develop insurance and analytics services specific to fleet operators.

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