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Processing Errors Cause Massive Beans Recall

It covers 1.6 million cases of beans distributed to 22 states over a 2-year span.

Issues in the processing stage have led a Cincinnati food manufacturer to initiate a massive recall of all of its beans products.

Randall Foods announced May 19 that it is recalling all Randall-branded beans — totalling 1.6 million cases — distributed between March 1, 2019 and May 15, 2021.

The company said “manufacturing deviations” caused a health risk with those products due to potential for premature spoilage.

Those deviations included a nonfunctioning temperature-indicating device, which raises the chance that the product was not effectively processed.

Sold in 48 oz., 24 oz. and 15.4 oz. glass jars, the beans were distributed to retail locations at retail locations in 22 states.

No illnesses have been reported as of May 20.

It follows a separate large recall of black beans products from Faribault Foods just three days earlier, caused by compromised hematic can seals.

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