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The Top 10 States for Start-Ups

California is not on the list and #1 might surprise you.

Swyft Filings, an online incorporation and compliance provider that works with entrepreneurs, looked at several factors in ranking the best states in which to start a business.

Driven by a surging legalized marijuana industry and fast-growing tech companies associated with AI, machine learning and cryptocurrency, Colorado comes in at #10.

A combination of low taxes, lower costs of living and inexpensive filing fees brought North Carolina to #9, Iowa to #8, Indiana to #7 and Mississippi to #6.

Detroit’s resurgence makes Michigan the 5th most attractive state for start-ups.

Less red tape and high business survival rates landed Ohio at #4 and Virginia at #3.

The presence of over 80 state-backed financial assistance programs brought Oklahoma to the #2 spot.

With some help from recent moves by Tesla and Oracle, as well as comparatively lower costs of living, Texas took home the #1 spot for start-ups.

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