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Secrets of Rock Star CFO's

Breaking down the evolution of the CFO role in U.S. manufacturing, as well as the positive and negative effects these changes have had.

Transitioning from a position focused on accounting and taxes, the Chief Financial Officer in modern manufacturing enterprises carries a highly influential role in directing internal investment strategies. Balancing the long vs. the short term in driving these decisions, and the strategies associated with them, places a heavy burden on current-day CFOs.

After reviewing Secrets of Rock Star CFOs, a report provided by Oracle Netsuite, editors David Mantey and Jeff Reinke recorded a unique, podcast-style video breaking down the paper. Offering a combination of personal experiences and industry trends, the duo offers perspective on a number of key points, including:

  • The CF-No vs. The CF-Know
  • The positive and negative impacts of combining strategy with finance.
  • The differences amongst those that "walk the floor" vs. those that stay in the ivory tower.
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