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Thermal Scanner a Gateway to a Healthier Workforce

The device could mitigate risk at facility entry points.

As more employees return to offices and manufacturers continue to navigate a landscape in which essential workers never left, companies are looking for solutions to best operate in this new normal.

Based in Middletown, CT, Reality Interactive is the company behind the AXSIS Thermal Scanner, a solution that could mitigate risk at facility entry points.

The device has many powerful capabilities, but at the most basic level, it can be used to take the temperature of workers and visitors entering the workplace. To get started, you follow a few simple instructions and plug it in. If you're only looking to take temps at the door, it's plug-and-play out of the box with some basic assembly. 

However, in a post-COVID landscape, such a gateway could be valuable to companies trying to keep workforces healthy, particularly those in food processing and other industries in which workers are in close quarters. 

The AXSIS scanner can also be part of a more comprehensive software platform. For example, management can create a questionnaire for employees to fill out prior to each shift on their devices. If everything checks out, the employee receives a QR code to scan before the temperature reading, which has an accuracy within 0.5 degrees. The process can even be tied to entry points to lock and unlock doors and clock in workers.

The system is built off of the bitSHUTTLE remote monitoring platform that can control various climates within the facility. It can also enable facial recognition and determine whether or not the employee is wearing a mask -- hopefully, that's not a long-term need.

The hardware is made out of aluminum and is about 16.5 inches tall with an 8-inch screen. It can be installed using a junction box or floor, table or wall stand. 

Workers stand about a foot away from the camera until they receive a successful reading, and the company says the device shouldn't be placed in dusty or damp locations or any extremely hot or cold spaces. Also, it's a screen, so don't drop it.

I recently spoke with the Reality Interactive team for the webinar, The Evolving Workplace in a Post COVID World, and I encourage you to check it out.

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