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Genesis X the 'Hottest Concept Car in a Decade'

But the company is so focused on design, that they failed to reveal any technical specs.

The gearheads over at Jalopnik usually take to new auto development with a critical eye, so when their observations reach the level of aggrandized headlines, well… it’s worth taking a look.

In this case, it relates to the automaker Genesis, a division of Hyundai headquartered in Fountain Valley, California -- and what Jalopnik refers to as “the hottest concept car in a decade.” And they’re not alone in their praise. Top Gear called it “unbelievably gorgeous” and Engadget says it’s “pretty swish.”

Considering the last decade has brought us concept cars that drive themselves and even fly, this hot take on the Genesis X electric coupe is an interesting one.

The vehicle, unveiled last week, is as exciting as an electric car gets, only we don’t know that much about it besides how beautiful it is. Jay Chang, Global Head of the Genesis Brand, invited observers to “take a moment to meet the future of Genesis design through this concept car, which embodies (the) brand’s progressive and audacious spirit.”

The company is so focused on design, that they failed to reveal any technical specs, meaning we don’t know anything about the range and power. Some are speculating Genesis would use the E-GMP platform used by partners Hyundai and Kia, but mum’s the word so far.

But back to its looks: the Genesis X EV uses the “two lines” concept for its headlamps, tail lights and mirrors, making this touring vehicle as sleek as they come. Oh, and no door handles cluttering up your view of the long hood and short rear that defines the look.

Inside, Genesis is said to be using upcycled materials, using excess leather scraps to stitch together certain features like seat belts and steering wheel covers. The gear selector is called the “Crystal Sphere” and let’s just say that’s fancier than anything you’ve driven before.

But despite Genesis referring to the X as “high performance” should we put a pin in the gushing until we get a feel for what this vehicle actually does? It’s undeniably beautiful, but it seems like we might want to get under the hood before going all in.

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