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Corona Making New Packaging from Extra Barley

A combination pulp of barley straw and wood fibers is as durable as traditional packaging but uses far fewer resources.

Corona is rolling out new sustainable packaging that utilizes one of its key beer ingredients: barley.

The AB InBev-owned company is combining surplus barley straw with 100% recycled wood fibers to produce new packaging for six-packs.

The process creates a paper board that is strong and durable as traditional six-pack packaging, but uses far less resources.

The barley straw/wood fibers pulping process uses 90% less water, less energy and fewer harsh chemicals.

The brewer says using leftover barley straw is far more productive than its equivalent of woodland.

Corona sees this new packaging as a way to eliminate the need for virgin trees and raw material from their supply chain.

The packaging launched March 17 with 10,000 six-packs in Colombia, to be followed by Argentina later this year before scaling globally.

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