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Pick Heaters Steam Injection Heating System

If you’re currently struggling to generate hot water with tank steam sparging, steam ejector jets or using indirect heat exchangers, then you must consider switching to a Pick Steam Injection Heating System.

Pick Heaters provide accurate temperature control, are energy efficient, saving you up to 28% in fuel costs.  They are instantaneous, supplying on demand hot water.  No more waiting for storage tanks or exchangers to reach temperature.  A Pick heater system also uses less floor space available for other process equipment.  The Pick Heater has a low sound level < 85 dBA & low liquid side pressure drop of < 1 PSI.

Pick Systems have been providing superior performance to the Process Industries for over 75 Years!

Pick Direct Steam Injection Systems are used to heat any liquid or slurry instantly on a continuous straight-through basis.

The Pick system injects medium-to-high pressure steam into the liquid through hundreds of small orifices. Fine “streams” of steam are instantly absorbed by the liquid inside the housing, resulting in 100% heat transfer.

Pick Heaters are used throughout process plants on applications such as hose stations for plant washdown, hot water for jacketed tanks, clean-in-place, and general process water just to name a few.

The Pick Heater, designed for accurate temperature control, quick response, energy efficiency; compact design, smooth and quiet operation; with minimal pressure drop and low maintenance.

Pick Heaters, dependable & precise process heating solutions since 1945.

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