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Scooter Megafactory Will Produce One Every Two Seconds

A 2-acre forest has even been transplanted inside this unique factory.

A new factory under construction in southern India will house Ola Electric, the world’s largest producer of electric scooters.

The megafactory is being described as carbon neutral, and features a massive solar array that will provide a surplus of energy, according to reports.

Perhaps its most unique feature: a 2-acre forest has been transplanted inside the plant.

Ola calls it “the most sustainable factory in the world.”

The company’s Phase 1 operations will begin this year, with the expectation that the plant will produce 10 million scooters by 2022.

That’s an average of one electric scooter every two seconds.

Because they’re emission-free, the scooters can be tested indoors and the factory will house a full test track.

The operation will create around 10,000 jobs and will also use 3,000 AI-enabled robots to work alongside them.

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