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Lite-N-Tite Upright Brooms from Perfex Corporation

Introducing Lite-N-Tite Upright Brooms from Perfex Corporation developed to tackle a wide range of cleaning tasks and still meet the hygienic requirements of food manufacturers around the world.

Our patented heat-fused brush fiber design eliminates premature fiber fall-out and removes areas where contaminants typically collect, which reduces the risk of cross-contamination.

Perfex Heavy Sweep broom is excellent for sweeping coarse material like dirt or gravel from rough surfaces, while our Light Sweep broom is ideal for meticulous sweeping of fine material like flour or sugar on smooth surfaces.

Perfex Lite-N-Tite Upright Brooms are Made in the USA. 

They come in 8 vibrant colors, which make them easy to isolate to specific work areas.

Our angled poly fiber provides uniform surface contact.

The head attaches using a 360-degree handle-connect.

The polymer brush block is made with an impact-resistant polymer core

And the Lite-N-Tite brooms are chemical resistant, non-conductive and both FDA and USDA approved.

Our patented Lite-N-Tite connection system guarantees no broken handles.

The adjustable handle makes it quick and simple to change the length from 34 to 62 inches and lock into place.

And to clean Lite-N-Tite Brooms, all you need to do is wash and rinse them with clean warm water.

Lite-N-Tite Upright Brooms, professional cleaning tools for critical environments

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