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Apple Warns of iPhone, Pacemaker Interference

Magnets may interfere with defibrillators or pacemakers.

A medical journal called Heart Rhythm recently published a report warning commonly used devices could inhibit the effectiveness of medical implants.

In the report, they contend the magnets found in Apple’s newest iPhone 12 may interfere with defibrillators or pacemakers.

One test performed in the study showed that an iPhone 12 sent a defibrillator into “a suspended state” when near.

Apple says the newest phone doesn’t pose any higher risk than those before it.

But researchers point to the circular array of magnets that allow the phone to be compatible with certain accessories, and say it causes the interaction with the medical devices.

Apple recently updated its user support documents to suggest users keep the phone at least six inches away from certain medical implants, and a foot away if the phone is charging.

Heart Rhythm says previous studies have shown minimal risk from older versions of the phone but that the new version “can potentially inhibit life-saving therapy.”

The report says medical device manufacturers and physicians “should remain vigilant in making patients aware of this significant interaction.”

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