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5-Ton Motorcycle Focused on Safety

The Tower Trike features a 320-horsepower semi engine.

Jim Gesto has been a semi-truck mechanic for 50 years. He loves motorcycles but has long worried about their safety.

Gesto found that the most a vehicle could weigh and still be considered a motorcycle was 11,000 pounds.

This, according to a recent Business Insider report, led him to create the 10,900-pound Tower Trike.

It features a 320-horsepower semi engine and, despite weighing more than five tons, it can reach a speed of up to 85 mph.

According to Gest, it drives like a car, but rides like most trikes.

The prototype has taken him over five years to develop, but he hopes to start selling the Tower Trike soon – for about $159,000.

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