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Ford, GM Upgrade Hundreds of Temp Workers

The permanent jobs come with some perks.

Some automotive workers got a nice gift just after the holidays.

Both Ford and GM announced Jan. 4 that hundreds of their temporary employees would be getting permanent positions.

Six hundred and fifty GM workers across nine plants will gain full employment this month, and 400 Ford workers will as well.

The announcement relates to agreements both automakers have in place with the UAW to transition temporary workers to permanent employment.

The newly permanent workers will now gain access to higher pay and better benefits negotiated through the union.

The hard-fought battle between the union and GM resulted in a 2019 strike that lasted 40 days.

According to the Detroit News, FCA – the third of the Detroit 3 – doesn’t have the same conversion timeline as part of its agreement with the UAW.

Instead, FCA will be granting its temp workers first access to the thousands of full-time jobs becoming available through renovations to two Detroit plants.

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