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We're Built for the Hard-Working Operations that Keep the World Turning

Epicor is here for the hard-working operations that keep the world turning. As essential businesses, these are the companies who make, deliver, and sell the things we all need.

In an increasingly competitive environment, and a supply chain sensitive to disruption, wholesale distributors, like industrial suppliers and heavy equipment dealers, need the best possible technology to streamline and optimize operations, drive revenue and increase profitability.

The latest version of Epicor’s Prophet 21 ERP software continues to drive innovation, enabling distributors to modernize processes in a rapidly changing market, while making strategic data-based decisions.

This update is a significant step forward in eliminating inefficient processes, enabling distributors to modify business models and offerings as their supply chains transition to digital.

The latest capabilities make Prophet 21 the best possible software solution for industrial machinery and equipment distributors looking for new ways to grow their business and streamline operations. 

Major process automation advancements, including document management, help streamline operations and drive down costs when they need it most, while rentals management, mobile field service, and eCommerce help distributors support new revenue streams and better engage with customers,

Look to Epicor Service Pro to help you manage all field service activities from a single, cloud-based application.

Use Epicor Rentals Management to capture new revenue opportunities, offering tracking, scheduling and pricing of rental equipment.

Whatever the objective, Epicor’s Prophet 21 is designed to accelerate every customer’s ambitions, whether to grow and transform, or simply become more productive and effective.  That’s what makes us the essential partners for the world’s most essential businesses.

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