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This Pandemic is Creating Cookie Monsters

The American appetite for cookies has increased, a lot.

According to data from the marketing firm TOP Data, the ongoing pandemic has increased the American appetite for cookies by 25 percent.

Their findings show that 20 percent of Americans now average more than three cookies eaten per day, with 16 percent eating more than 96 cookies a month.

In order, the leading cookie-consuming states are Utah, Idaho and Oregon.

The state with the lowest number of cookies eaten is Louisiana. Proceeding them are South Carolina, Florida and Georgia.

Looking at other geographical preferences, Maine is the top home for chocolate chip cookies; Oregon loves snickerdoodles; Alaska is all about the sugar cookies; and Vermont’s favorite is oatmeal raisin.

As we dug a little deeper, we discovered that Maine loves a chocolate chip more than any other state, with Alaska ranking top for sugar cookies, and Oklahoma craving a peanut butter cookie more than anywhere else

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