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SpaceX Exploring a 7,500-mph Troop Resupply Rocket

An 80-metric-ton rocket could be ready for initial testing by next year.

A recent report from indicates that SpaceX and the U.S. military are building a rocket that could transport supplies to anywhere in the world in about 60 minutes.

The contract calls for development of an 80-metric-ton rocket that could be ready for initial testing by next year.

The rocket’s speed would reach more than 7,500 mph.

This means a trip from Florida to Afghanistan could be completed in an hour, as opposed to 15 hours with current aircraft.

Exploration Architecture Corporation will also be part of the program. 

The plan follows the Pentagon’s recent decision to award SpaceX a $149 million contract for the development of four missile-tracking satellites.

These latest deals would seem to indicate that SpaceX is expanding from space-launching capabilities to military applications.

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