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E-Tailers Hope Wearable Measurement Suit Will Cut Costly Returns

With e-commerce purchases increasing, the costs of returns are enough to strangle profits.

According to a report by CNBC, the average return costs an internet retailer 30% of the item’s purchase price.

With e-commerce sales higher than ever, many e-tailers are desperate for ways to reduce this costly component of the business model.

Enter the Zozosuit, a 3D-printed, wearable measuring tool developed by Softbank-backed Zozo Inc.

The company has unveiled a modified version of its original body-measuring garment after the first iteration drew complaints.

Using 20,000 data points – up from 400 in the original version – Zozosuit takes measurements of the body and allows the user to upload the data.

The idea is that clothing, especially custom-made items, can be produced with much more accurate results and far fewer returns.

Zozo hopes the suit will be available within the next year and says it’s able to produce it cheaply and quickly via a printing process.

The company currently offers “Zozomat,” a foot-measuring device that’s reportedly cut shoe returns by 30%.

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