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Workers Threaten Amazon Over Paid Time Off to Vote

The group asked supporters to help shut down company warehouses on Halloween.

"Amazon Employees for Climate Justice," a climate advocacy group made up of Amazon workers, has expanded its target to voting rights.

The group is pushing the company to provide paid time off for employees to vote, and has resorted to unorthodox methods.

In a recent blog post, the group asked "anyone who wants to support Amazon workers" to help shut down company warehouses on Halloween.

They suggest supporters block entrances by parking their cars in front of doorways at their nearest Amazon distribution centers for 15 minutes.

They hope the action will pressure Amazon to offer paid time off for voting, after first submitting a petition with thousands of signatures.

The group says a paid shift between now and the election is critical because many workers have used up their paid time off due to coronavirus-related concerns.

According to Business Insider, a spokesperson says Amazon has provided workers with information on how to request time off to vote if needed.

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