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Structural Engineer Grades Could Keep You Up at Night

Of all the disciplines, structural engineers have the lowest first-time pass rate.

For many, obtaining the Professional Engineer designation is a major step in their career.

Recently, released findings pertaining to the Principles and Practice of Engineering Exam, otherwise known at the PE or Professional Engineer exam.

Only 50 percent of engineers become licensed Professional Engineers.

Across all disciplines, the first-time pass rate of the 25,000 engineers who take the eight-hour test each year is 65 percent.

Those who re-take the test only pass 35 percent of the time. There is no limit on re-takes.

The disciplines with the highest percentage of first-time passers:

  1. Architectural
  2. Industrial and Systems
  3. Control Systems
  4. Chemical
  5. Mechanical

The disciplines with the highest number of test takers:

  1. Civil
  2. Mechanical
  3. Electrical and Computer
  4. Structural
  5. Environmental

The discipline with the lowest pass rate – Structural. Both first-time and repeat exam takers pass less than 45 percent of the time.

Complete results are available at

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