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Binmaster: Vendor Managed Inventory

Do you dream of a world where your silos never run empty?
And your orders are magically placed?
But now, you have nightmares about material shortages,
Cumbersome spreadsheets,
Inaccurate inventory reports,
And last-minute deliveries.
Wouldn’t you sleep better if, your vendors optimized delivery schedules and made sure you had just the right amount of material in stock?
Vendor Managed Inventory from BinMaster can do just that.
VMI builds a bridge between you and your suppliers.
It’s done using level sensors on silos.
That are connected using wireless communications and gateways.
To a BinView website that tracks your inventory in real time.
You share BinView with vendors, so they monitor your inventory.
BinView keeps inventory levels up to date 24/7 so, you and your vendors are sharing the same data.
Vendors monitor the material you have on hand.
Take a proactive role in placing orders and scheduling deliveries and know that their entire shipment will fit in your silos.
BinView sends alerts via a text or email before silos run empty and provides reports to help forecast demand.
BinView links you to your supply chain.
To increase inventory turns, reduce safety stock, Improve cash flow, increase profitability, cut lead times, and reduce time-eating meetings, emails, and phone calls.
You can rest easy, knowing VMI by BinMaster has you covered.
For VMI for your company, contact BinMaster at or call 800-278-4241.

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