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Phillips 66 to Open Cooking Oil Fuel Plant

The crude plant will be converted to process vegetable oil and greases into fuel.

A California crude oil processing plant is on its way to becoming the world’s largest renewable fuel plant.

Energy company Phillips 66 has announced the Rodeo, Calif., facility will convert fuel from used cooking oil, fats and greases.

Dubbed “Rodeo Renewed,” Phillips 66 says the full operation should produce more than 800 million gallons of renewable fuels each year.

Constructing new pre-treatment units and repurposing hydrocracking units will help enable the plant to reduce carbon emissions by 50%.

Phillips 66 says the new operation, which supplies the California market, will actually lower operating costs.

When modification of the 124-year-old refinery is complete, 400 green energy jobs will be available and the company says its existing petrochem workers can transition to the new jobs.

Rodeo Renewed is scheduled to be online by 2024.

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