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Apple Sued Over Voice Recognition Patent

A Chinese AI company is once again taking the world’s most valuable company to court.

A Chinese artificial intelligence company wants Apple to pay more than $1 billion for allegedly infringing on its patent to create the Siri voice recognition system.

Shanghai Zhizhen Intelligent Network Technology — better known as Xiao-i — originally sued the iPhone maker over its virtual assistant in 2012. Xiao-i asserted that it applied for a patent on its own voice recognition technology in 2004 and received the patent in 2009 — just before Siri made its debut.

Apple contends that the patent applies to video games and messaging, and that Siri doesn’t share its features. Apple also sought to have Xiao-i’s patent thrown out; the Beijing High Court sided with Apple, but CNET reports that China’s Supreme People's Court reversed that decision last month — clearing the way for this week’s filing after eight years.

Xiao-i, which filed the lawsuit in Shanghai, is reportedly seeking $1.4 billion in damages and calling for Apple to stop manufacturing or selling products that infringe on the patent. Apple responded that it was disappointed in the filing and would “present the facts” to the court.

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