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Mike Tyson Wants to Print CBD Drinks

The tech works like Easter Egg dye tablets.

We all know Mike Tyson. Boxing’s former World Heavyweight Champion has been in movies, professional wrestling, and even cartoons. But perhaps more surprising than even his recent announcement about coming out of retirement, is his latest business venture.

A recent article in Forbes states that Tyson’s The Ranch Companies has acquired a global license in partnering with Smart Cups for the production of cannabis products.

Smart Cups is kind of like those tablets of Easter Egg dye – you know, you drop them in the water/vinegar mix and they dissolve to give you a cup of red, green, blue or purple dye. 

The difference is that the tablets created by Smart Cups’ proprietary micro-encapsulation printing technology can be used to generate everything from energy drinks to liquid medications by simply adding water. 

The company’s machines allow for printing active and flavor ingredients from natural products onto the surface of the substrates or capsules. These products are then embedded in the bottom of a biodegradable plastic cup, taking liquid form when water is added.

The result for beverage makers is huge savings from reduced packaging, storage and transportation costs.

For Tyson and The Ranch Companies, they’ll use the Smart Cup tech to create ingestible cannabis products containing more accurate and consistent amounts of CBD. Their Smart Cups will release the ingredients when they come in contact with any liquid.

The ability to provide accurate dosing will be a key competitive advantage for the company, as this has been one of the more challenging issues plaguing the CBD industry. Tyson and company are reportedly waiting on several CBD regulatory rulings before moving forward with any specific products.

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