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Study Finds $300B Benefit in Hyperloop

It also claims one Midwestern route would reduce CO2 emission by 4 million tons.

The Mid-Ohio Regional Planning Commission recently unveiled the results of their Midwest Connect study exploring a Hyperloop connection between Columbus, Chicago and Pittsburgh.

The study was conducted as part of the commission’s Rapid Speed Transportation Initiative.

It found that such a route, utilizing Virgin’s Hyperloop One technology, could create $300 billion in overall economic benefits and reduce CO2 emissions by 4 million tons. 

After analyzing engineering complexity, public right of ways, environmental constraints, ridership volumes and travel behavior, the commission felt the project was viable.

The potential Hyperloop, which uses a combination of electric propulsion and electromagnetic levitation, could connect Chicago and Columbus in under 45 minutes for about $60. Columbus to Pittsburgh would take less than 30 minutes and run $33.

Next steps will involve the creation of a travel and economic demand advisory panel to further analyze and refine the planned route.

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