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Virus Cases Continue to Rise in Meat Plants

Positive COVID-19 tests have spiked since the CDC announced case numbers on Friday.

Coronavirus cases at U.S. meat plants continue to rise as companies struggle to stay open.

On Friday, the CDC said 4,900 workers at facilities across 17 states tested positive for COVID-19; 20 have died.

In the last two days …

  • Tyson Foods suspended work at a pork plant in Nebraska after 96 cases were confirmed. The plant employs 1,200.
  • Cargill idled a meatpacking plant that employs 2,200 in Nebraska, but workers will be paid 36 hours/week until May 18.
  • Seaboard Foods has at least 116 employees who have tested positive at a pork processing plant in Oklahoma. The plant remains open and employs 2,700.
  • Another 1,400 Tyson workers tested positive at three pork processing plants in Iowa.
  • At the Tyson plant in Perry, Iowa, 730 workers tested positive.
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