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Amazon May Fire Workers Who Don't Practice Social Distancing

Amazon is getting tough with workers.


Amazon says it’s getting tough with workers who “intentionally” disobey social distancing rules while on the job.

The mega e-tailer is dealing with a crush of orders and its fulfillment workers are now more essential than ever. But Amazon employees are contending with the scary prospect of working in close quarters amid growing instances of the virus. In fact, more than a dozen Amazon distribution centers across the country have been the site of positive COVID-19 cases.

And workers are asking for more protection, with even some Staten Island DC workers going so far as to stage a walkout. But Amazon’s latest effort appears to place the onus of safety on the employees themselves, as the company says it will warn deliberate violators of the workplace’s social distancing policies -- and may even fire them.

But some workers are firing back on this position, alleging that it’s nearly impossible for them to do their jobs while adhering to the six-feet rule. And while Amazon has reportedly moved chairs, tables and workstations, one worker told CNN that packing stations are still “shoulder-to-shoulder,” and that “the way stuff works, you've got to be close to get things done and get packages out."

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