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Mayhew Progrip Hooks & Picks

Over 30 unique hooks and picks and 8 convenient sets.

Progrip Hooks & Picks

Mayhew’s signature ProGrip handle, includes over 30 unique hooks and picks and 8 convenient sets, from miniature, to heavy-duty, and long. The varying lengths, shapes, and angle bends are uniquely designed for an array of industrial, automotive, and hardware applications. All of the tools, including marking and hole-making picks, O-ring picks, trim tools, and hose picks, consist of an alloy steel shank with black oxide finish to deter rust and are made in the USA.

The ergonomic ProGrip handle, made of highly-resilient Polypropylene with an over-molded Thermoplastic Elastomer soft grip, has two patented ribs around its neck to allow for maximum transfer of torque from the hand to the tool and a slip-free grip when pushing or prying. Additionally, the rounded end rolls smoothly onto the heel of the palm, reducing friction and hand fatigue. All of the tools in the line are designed for easy access into tight spaces and provides necessary leverage in close-quarters to position, retrieve, remove parts, or easily maneuver around obstacles that otherwise would be troublesome.

Additional use applications include:

  • Marking or tracing crisp, accurate lines on work pieces

  • Puncturing or enlarging holes in leather, canvas, or wood

  • Removing O-rings, springs, and spacers

  • Extracting door panels and molding rivet fasteners without damage

  • Positioning, installing, separating, or removing of radiator, heater, vacuum, or other transmission lines/hoses from their fittings

The available hook and pick sets are as follows:

Item #   Description

13090    4 Pc. ProGrip Miniature Pick Set

13091    4 Pc. ProGrip Miniature Long Pick Set

13093    3 Pc. ProGrip Marking & Hole Making Set

13094     4 Pc. ProGrip Hook and Pick Set

13095    6 Pc. ProGrip Long Pick Set

13096    4 Pc. ProGrip Hose Pick Set

13097     6 Pc. ProGrip Hose Pick Set

13098    4 Pc. ProGrip O-Ring Removal Set

14071OR – Dominator 3 PC Curved Pry Bar Set – Orange

  • This set can be used for a wide variety of pry & lifting applications

  • Capped End allows for striking without damaging the handle.

  • Patented two-composite handle is ergonomically designed, providing superior comfort and grip.

  • Hardened and tempered alloy steel shaft run from the cutting edge through the handle to deliver maximum durability and prying power.

  • Made in U.S.A

  • Lifetime warranty

  • Convenient storage tray fits most tool boxes

  • This set includes the following:

    • 14112 – Dominator Pry Bar Curved (12C)

      14414 – Dominator Pry Bar Curved (17C)

      14115 – Dominator Pry Bar Curved (25C)

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