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From Grocery-Getter to 1,233 HP Beast

How, without changing its appearance, this VW Golf became eight times more powerful than a supercar.

Describing a vehicle as German-engineered typically conjures thoughts of sleek aerodynamics coupled with tremendous reliability and performance.

Somewhat of a departure is what a set of German engineers did at Boba Motoring in turning a VW Golf MK2, which is known for its practicality and fuel efficiency, into what’s been described as a quarter-mile supercar killer.

For really no other reason than “because they can”, the folks at Boba transitioned the front-wheel-drive, sub-100 horsepower grocery-getter into an epic beast packing 1,233 turbocharged HP and 806 ft.-lbs. of torque.

They also upgraded to a Haldex-type 4Motion all-wheel-drive system in order to handle the 64 pounds of boost that punches the car forward – that’s 8X the amount of the new Dodge Challenger Demon launching this year, which has been tabbed the fastest production car in history.

Larger fuel injectors, a re-mapped ECU and upgraded cams, valves, pistons and rods were also added to handle the extra power.

A quick-shifting sequential transmission aids the car in covering a quarter mile in 8.67 seconds, reaching 174 mph, and topping out at 217 mph. That quarter mile time is faster than any production car in history.

But perhaps the coolest thing about Boba’s take on the Golf is that it looks like it just pulled out of the dealership.

There are no spoilers, air vents or composite fiber panels. The only real change to the aesthetics or aerodynamics is a new speedometer.

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