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How Quantum Computing Threatens Industrial Device Security

In the next five years, computers will take codes that would have taken lifetimes to crack and break them in hours.

In the second episode of our five-part Quantum Computing/Quantum Apocalypse series, Alan Grau, VP of IoT and Embedded Solutions with Sectigo, discusses how quantum computing poses a threat to the security of industrial devices.

Industrial devices require secure communication that use digital certificates for authentication. Right now, the certificates can't be hacked because of tools like ECC and RSA encryption. With today's computers, breaking ECC and RSA encryption is a monumental task, but quantum computers will be able to do it with ease.

In the next five years, quantum computers will break codes that would have taken lifetimes to crack with current technology and solve them in a matter of days, if not hours. 

Some industrial manufacturers have been taking the necessary precautions to protect data, investing more heavily in security. Grau says manufacturers need to start using tools like AES encryption to help secure data now and prepare the company for the future.

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