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Is the Quantum Apocalypse a Hoax?

What is the quantum apocalypse, and why is it important for industrial manufacturers?

In the first episode of a five-part series, Alan Grau, VP of IoT and Embedded Solutions with Sectigo, discusses the new possibilities of quantum computing and the threat of the quantum apocalypse.

Quantum computing is advancing a new paradigm in computing based upon the principles of quantum physics. In just a few years, it will have tremendous potential to solve problems faster than traditional computers could ever work. It’s not only a faster computer but one capable of solving unique problems. 

The quantum apocalypse results from the problems quantum computing will cause current cryptographic algorithms that we use today. As soon as 2026, quantum computers will very easily break current encryption. The fundamental protections behind everything we do today will be obsolete β€” every transaction, most secure communications, will be no longer safe. The consequences are extremely severe. 

Industrial manufacturers and companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) and embedded computing industries need to take action now because the communication between everything from factory control systems to the electric grid will be susceptible. If compromised, it could lead to property damage or even death. 

So, is the quantum apocalypse a hoax? While there has been a lot of hype, it threatens the core underpinnings of our communications systems today.

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