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Neighbors Accuse Land O' Lakes Plant of 'Sound Torture'

One man re-insulated his home’s exterior walls, but it wasn't enough.

Residents in a quiet subdivision claim that noises coming from a nearby factory border on torturous.

In 2022, neighbors in Kent, Ohio, approached a Land O’ Lakes factory’s management after the regular sounds coming from the factory started to get louder.

According to the Akron Beacon Journal, the residents say constant humming and buzzing can be heard inside their homes, through walls and closed windows.

One man said he reinsulated his home’s exterior walls but still dealt with the “sound torture” emanating from the plant.

Some residents claim they’re prevented from sleeping at night and another reportedly went so far as to put their home up for sale.

The plant’s management told residents that they didn’t have a definitive answer as to what caused the noise, but had engaged “a third-party professional noise consultant.”

After a petition, a city council member also arranged a meeting with the plant’s officials. 

Residents feel hopeful for a resolution, with one telling the Journal they are “willing to cooperate in whatever way we can.”

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