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Worker's Arm Severely Mangled Between Rollers

Rescuers tried to use a crowbar and the Jaws of Life to free the man, but neither worked.

With headquarters in Pennsylvania, Dunmore is a company that manufactures coated, laminated and metalized films.

Last week, at the company's manufacturing site in Brewster, NY, a 33-year-old worker suffered a severely mangled arm after it was accidentally crushed by rollers in a metallizer machine.

According to local reports, in the late afternoon on September 24th, emergency personnel tried to use a crowbar as well as the Jaws of Life to free the man, but neither solution worked. Local authorities then inserted air bags into the machine. When the airbag opened, the rescuers were able to free the employee's arm.

The airbags are typically used to stabilize vehicles after serious accidents.

The worker was loaded into a helicopter and flown to a local hospital where he remained in intensive care.

According to the company, it has been in business for 46 years. The company has developed more than 14,000 products, mostly coated, metallized, and laminated films, foils, and fabrics.

IEN reached out to Dunmore, but they did not respond to our request for comment.

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