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Factory Worker Trapped Under 11 Pallets of Beverages

A storage rack collapsed onto the forklift.

Last Thursday, a 54-year-old factory worker was driving a forklift when a storage rack collapsed and trapped him under 11 metric tons of milkshakes, energy drinks, and milk at the Central Supplies warehouse in England.  

According to Metro UK, the worker remained trapped and completely buried for four hours as rescue personnel tried to retrieve him from deep beneath 10 or 11 pallets of refrigerated goods. The worker was conscious during the entire rescue effort, and rescue workers were able to make verbal contact with him throughout the event.

The rescue team used microphones which were placed in the pile of beverages to not only pinpoint where the worker was located, but also help make sure that item didn't shift and crush him in the process.

The incident occurred in a large storage area, and the cause of the accident has not yet been determined.

According to the company's website, Central Supplies has been in business since 1988. It employs more than 120 people and stocks about 1,800 product lines, primarily cheeses and dairy products.

As you can see from the wreckage, the man is lucky to be alive.

This is IEN Now with David Mantey. 

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