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BMW Pays Big After Workers Get High on the Job

According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, two exhaust fitters left their production line unattended for about 40 minutes.

We’ve all had one of those moments on the job where we’d really like to call in sick for a few days and just stay out of the spotlight. Maybe you burned a Hot Pocket in the office microwave and made your pregnant co-worker throw up. Or, perhaps you hit reply all on the kind of colorful commentary that really shouldn’t have been shared companywide.

Well, rest assured – you’re not the worst. This one has got to be hard to beat. Several European news outlets are reporting a story out of Munich about two BMW factory workers who blew it big time.

Allegedly, the two workers showed up to their shifts partially in the bag. One had significant amounts of alcohol in his system and the other amphetamines. The two then reportedly smoked marijuana together before setting up shop in the exhaust assembly area of the plant… where they both promptly passed out.

According to Germany’s Bild newspaper, these two exhaust fitters left their production line unattended for about 40 minutes as they slept it off. Now, we all know that automotive production is high stakes, but apparently this downtime while the line was out cost BMW something in the $1 million range. According to Heat Street, BMW is admitting the event took place, but is saying the cost was much lower than what’s being reported.

As for the workers? An ambulance ferried them off and one has reportedly since been fired, and the other relocated.

I’m Anna Wells and this is IEN Now.

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