Annual Machine Safeguarding Audit Service

The audits look to improve safety program efficiency, reduce compliance-related costs and limit OSHA inspection fines.

Rs Annual Audit

According to Rockford Systems (Rockford, IL), there is a common misconception that once machine safeguarding equipment has been installed, no further work is required, as long as the machine is in compliance with OSHA regulation and recognized industry standards. The consequences of this misunderstanding have been countless injuries, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in fines, due to misused or unused machine guards, devices and controls. 

To address those challenges, the company is offering its Machine Safeguarding Annual Verification Audit. This annual service is designed to verify that safeguarded equipment is being used as designed and intended to protect employees working in dangerous environments. Moreover, it ensures that a company's capital investment in providing a safe working environment is sustained and continues to be in compliance with OSHA regulation and ANSI B11.19 standards, as well as meeting any internal safety policies.

Features and focal points of the annual audits can include: 

  • Visual & Function Testing. An annual audit will verify that installed safeguarding equipment continues to be used, and operated, as intended. The primary evaluation criteria for the audit are visual inspection and function testing of safeguarding, controls, disconnects, motor starters, and properly applied mechanical power transmission apparatus covers. Once an audit is completed, Rockford Systems provides a detailed audit report highlighting deficiencies along with high-level recommendations for corrective actions to bring deficient equipment back into compliance.
  • More Comprehensive Analysis. This more detailed assessment process provides a comprehensive analysis of safety and compliance issues along with recommendations for engineered solutions, products and installation of equipment. The audit is performed after machine safeguarding upgrades to ensure sustainability of machine safeguarding improvements.
  • Cloud-Based Portal. To help customers consistently and cost-effectively manage their machine safeguarding programs, Rockford Systems leverages their cloud-based portal, MyRockCloud, that houses current and historical audit report data. MyRockCloud creates an electronic archive that permissioned users can access for improved planning and budgeting efficiency for any size safeguarding program. In the event of an accident or OSHA inspection, evidence of a disciplined, well-organized machine safeguarding program will be readily available to present to investigators.
  • Evolving Standards. Annual audits assist companies in staying current with evolving standards. For example, the recently published ANSI B11.TR8 indicates that machine safeguarding equipment must be inspected regularly according to supplier’s recommendations. Furthermore, it requires that when a machine is modified or relocated, risk reduction measures must be re-evaluated, a service included with Rockford System’s annual audit service.

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