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Ultimate Worker Protection

The system features a motorized, lithium-ion battery system that supplies a constant supply of fresh, filtered air.


Allegro (Piedmont, SC) offers their EZ AIR PAPR complete particulate system for industrial applications where respiratory, eye and face protection is required. The system features:

  • A motorized, lithium-ion battery operating system that supplies a constant supply of fresh, filtered air over the user’s face.
  • A 25 APF level in creating protective pressure inside the respirator head to keep harmful gases, vapors, particulates and fumes away from the user.
  • A welding shield made of Dupont flame retardant Nylon.
  • A flame retardant shroud that covers the user’s ears, neck and back.
  • A flexible 30” breathing tube with quick disconnect.
  • A blower assembly with eight airflow settings, as well as audible, visual and vibration alarms.
  • A single replacement NIOSH approved HEPA filter which filters 99.97 percent of particulates.                                               

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