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National Safety Council Acquires ORC HSE Strategies, LLC

The move will offer employers additional world class safety resources.

The National Safety Council, the nation’s foremost non-profit workplace safety advocate, announces that it has acquired ORC HSE Strategies, LLC, in order to offer employers additional world class safety resources including thought leadership and consulting, and to add value to both organizations’ membership at a moment when workplace safety is as critical as ever. The two organizations will serve employers at the national and global levels to help them achieve safety excellence, prevent injuries and save lives.

With ORC HSE joining NSC, the Council will immediately strengthen its ability to provide dynamic on-the-ground workplace safety consulting services to employers and safety leaders. ORC HSE and NSC are both member-based organizations, and the acquisition will allow both organizations’ membership additional opportunities for benchmarking, networking, training and thought leadership. The two organizations have been exploring the acquisition for more than a year.

The acquisition also further strengthens the Council’s commitment to its workplace safety roots. ORC HSE will integrate into the Workplace Practice Area at NSC, led by Vice President of Workplace Safety Mark Baker.

Additional information about ORC HSE is available at Visit the National Safety Council at

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