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NAM Board Asks Americans to Wear Masks

The National Association of Manufacturers said observing CDC safety protocols would help manufacturers rebuild the economy.

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Washington, D.C. – The Board leadership of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM) is issuing a call to all Americans to observe COVID-19 safety protocols so manufacturers can continue to work to rebuild the economy.

The following is a joint statement issued by:

  • Trane Technologies Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Chair Mike Lamach
  • Dow Chairman and CEO and NAM Board Vice Chair Jim Fitterling
  • BTE Technologies President and NAM Small and Medium Manufacturers Chair Chuck Wetherington
  • Protolabs President and CEO and SMM Vice Chair Vicki Holt

“As manufacturers for America’s goods and essential products, we have a strong message for our team members and the country. All Americans must do everything in our power to keep our workers, our communities and our fellow citizens safe from COVID-19. 

Our industry will continue manufacturing personal protective equipment, medical supplies and therapeutics, racing to develop a safe and effective vaccine and keeping consumer goods and the food supply plentiful. We have been able to do this throughout the pandemic and keep our workers safe because we follow the science. 

We will continue to set the right example by practicing the guidance outlined by the CDC and other medical experts. That’s why we encourage all Americans to wear a mask, social distance, avoid large gatherings, use contact tracing and quarantine for 14 days if there is direct exposure to the virus, especially when one is tested positive. We are on the front lines of rebuilding our economy, but we cannot do so until we defeat COVID-19, and we cannot defeat COVID-19 if we fail to protect each other. 

COVID-19 has already taken more than 210,000 American lives, and each week that number grows by the thousands. The economic toll has resulted in millions of jobs lost—some permanently. Among those who survive, many will endure lifelong disabilities. It doesn’t have to be this way. We know the science, and we have the tools. We all must follow best practices and look out for each other so we can keep the country open, supply the world and defeat this invisible enemy.”

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