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Court Confirms Uber Fines With 1,500 More Cases Waiting

The fines ranged from $6,223 to $75,700.

Uber (1)

COPENHAGEN, Denmark (AP) — Denmark's top court has confirmed that four drivers should be fined for working for Uber in the Scandinavian country, paving the way for some 1,500 other Uber drivers to be prosecuted for illegally operating taxis. 

The Supreme Court confirmed Friday lower courts' rulings fining the men, who were not named. The lowest fine of 40,000 kroner ($6,223) was slapped on the driver of 399 rides, the highest of 486,500 kroner ($75,700) for the driver of 5,427 rides.

Danish prosecutors had put on hold some 1,500 other similar cases while they waited for the Supreme Court ruling. The drivers did not have licenses to operate a taxi, as was required even of Uber drivers. Denmark introduced a law in February 2017 that required taxi drivers to have seat occupancy sensors and meters, leading Uber to shut down its services in Denmark. 

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